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Our Mission

"IPC’s mission is to provide objective and insightful prescription benefit consulting services in a fashion that best fits each of our client’s individual needs. We strive to provide proactive and practical guidance combined with recommendations targeted toward preventative approaches to help maximize our clients’ financial outcomes as well as minimize member pharmaceutical waste, harm and misuse."

Company History

Prior to founding IPC, Mr. Anderson earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy in 1973, worked as a retail pharmacist and then as an executive with a large drug store chain.

Believing the expansion of drug therapies, the proliferation of direct-to-consumer advertising by drug manufacturers, the rapidly escalating costs for name-brand drugs, the emergence of a new type of specialty administrator (the PBM) and other changes would pose new challenges for plan sponsors, Mr. Anderson established IPC in March of 1991 with the certainty that his perspective and expertise would allow him to bring unique solutions to these growing challenges.

Today, Mr. Anderson is the President of IPC and remains a registered pharmacist. IPC celebrated its 20th year anniversary in March of 2011.


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